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March 27, 2008

Obsessions ablaze

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This is going to get interesting now. Seriously. I swear.

Having recently drained all of our savings and put down a big, fat deposit on a brand new house (our first!), my thoughts have turned to all things design and decor. Paint chips? I think about them so much that I’ve actually started dreaming about them. Sifting through porcelain tile samples? Yep, pretty much how I spend every weekend now. Pendant light? I just can’t get enough.

Our kitchen is kind of a U-shaped configuration, and I intend to have two or three pendant lights over one of the counter “arms.” Here are my current top contenders:

Source: Lamps Plus

Source: Lamps Plus

And my most favourite, but sadly most expensive, pick:


Source: Lamps Plus

Most people’s eyes glaze over before the words “pendant lights” have even left my lips, not me though. I am on my way to becoming an authority on the topic. For this week at least. I expect that by next week I will have moved onto something else, something equally exciting. Sinks for the powder room, perhaps?!


January 2, 2008

Festive obsessions

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Now that the holiday season is officially coming to a close, I’ve had some time to experiment with many of my fabulous gifts.  The two that will probably get the most use are now nestled comfrotably in the drawers and cupboards of my kitchen.  Surely all the other kitchen implements are jealous at the amount of use these two new items have (and will continue to) received. 

First, I give you, what The Guy likes to call, “The stocking stuffer that was too expensive to actually be a stocking stuffer and therefore became a non-stocking stuffer gift.” An unwieldy name for a much-wielded object, my shiny new Wusthof Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife:

Seriously, I am in love with this knife. It can cut the ripest of tomatoes into paper-thin slices. It’s makes dicing onions fun, despite the tears streaming down my cheeks. Everytime I try it on a new food item I call The Guy into the kitchen and exclaim, “Have you tried it yet on bell peppers/garlic/shallots/the ripest of ripe tomatoes yet? It’s incredible!” Yes, I am in love with a knife. Really, no one’s surprised.

And item number two, able to grill the perfect piece of fish, grill marks and all, or create the panini…with the added feature of me not having to trudge out into the subartic Canadian climate and thigh-deep (okay, fine, ankle deep. Did hyperbole every really hurt anyone?) snow: my Calphalon grill pan/panini press/object of heavenly desire.


I must say that I find utlitarian gifts like these to be so much more satisfying than bath beads or gift cards or other impersonal but well-meant presents. I love that I will use them every single day and while they will eventually stop being shiny and new, and the novelty will wear off, they’ll truly become a part of my everyday routine and thereby a solid part of my life. Definitely more than just “things,” especially for a foodie.

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