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November 3, 2007

He Got Served.

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Oh Illustrator, how I wish you wouldn’t intimidate me so.

But I’ve been watching a few of those recent LayerTennis matches, and these only serve to confirm my suspicions that you are like the delicious cookie at the bottom of the jar that I want so badly but just can’t seem to reach.

This is my new favorite spectator sport, since I can’t watch American Gladiators anymore.


August 28, 2007

fonts and veer.com

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I was taking this lovely tour about the history of Helvetica (thanks, (OvO) )and the impact the font has had in the twentieth century, when I saw a photo of this notebook, which I have to have:

helvetica notebook

By the way, just so we’re clear here, I’m of the “i love you” camp when it comes to Helvetica.

So this picture brought me to this site, Veer.com, which brought me to Type City, and then I sat mesmerized for at least five minutes watching a city made entirely of beautiful fonts unfold before my eyes… and hardly anything keeps my attention for that long, people.

But then I found a bracelet, which I have to have, filled with Lorem Ipsum. Just look at this cuff. Do you know what it means?

lorem ipsum cuff

I spent hours wandering around this website, marveling at the photos, the typefaces, the many fun things to see. And then I found a way to take Type City home with me!


Type City prints

Each 5″x7″ print is letterpressed on archival, acid-free paper, and they are gorgeous. Imagine these matted and framed and hung in a grouping on a wall in an office or even in a living room…

There’s just something special about typeface, isn’t there?

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