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March 27, 2008

Obsessions ablaze

Filed under: Kitchen, Lighting — Andrea @ 3:39 pm

This is going to get interesting now. Seriously. I swear.

Having recently drained all of our savings and put down a big, fat deposit on a brand new house (our first!), my thoughts have turned to all things design and decor. Paint chips? I think about them so much that I’ve actually started dreaming about them. Sifting through porcelain tile samples? Yep, pretty much how I spend every weekend now. Pendant light? I just can’t get enough.

Our kitchen is kind of a U-shaped configuration, and I intend to have two or three pendant lights over one of the counter “arms.” Here are my current top contenders:

Source: Lamps Plus

Source: Lamps Plus

And my most favourite, but sadly most expensive, pick:


Source: Lamps Plus

Most people’s eyes glaze over before the words “pendant lights” have even left my lips, not me though. I am on my way to becoming an authority on the topic. For this week at least. I expect that by next week I will have moved onto something else, something equally exciting. Sinks for the powder room, perhaps?!


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